tim ho wan burwood Pork Dumpling with Shrimp

TLDR Review: Tim Ho Wan Burwood Yum Cha

Tim Ho Wan Burwood: One Star yes…out of Five

Tim Ho Wan chains are popping up everywhere just like Soul Origins. I am labeling this place a chain as the execution of the menu is poor and the staff are badly trained. These are normally the first signs of a business looking to go bust.

The menu is quite limited compared to other “classic” Yum Cha. There are no trolleys, the HK-style order form system is in use. The worst part about this place is the service. I don’t blame the young crew, it must be a lack of a system and training. They however seemed to have no common-sense.

  • They kept bringing plates of food to this table who were waiting for the bill, then they gave the same plate to another table (eww).
  • While having plates of food in their hands, they engage in conversation with other customers. The food is dying in your hands, idiot.
  • Forgot one of my dishes.

Let’s talk about the food. I didn’t try the famous pork bun this time in order to try the other parts of the menu.


tim ho wan burwood Wasabi Salad Prawn DumplingThese had a good flavour with that Japanese Wasabi mayo sauce. The dumplings themselves were chewy and uneven.


tim ho wan burwood TOFU WITH PORK FLOSSThe tofu was of good quality. It was exactly what you would expect it to taste like. Well seasoned tofu fried with pork floss sprinkled on top. No frills.


tim ho wan burwood Pork Dumpling with ShrimpThis is staple of any Yum Cha. Tim Ho Wan failed, the pork and shrimp were severely overcooked and were both chewy to point of spitting it out. They are really small about 30% smaller than the average.


tim ho wan burwood Beancurd Skin Roll with ShrimpNot bad but not the best. Shrimp were less overcooked as the pork dumplings. Bravo.


Never came after 30minutes. Had enough, walked to the counter to pay. Only then, did the waiters have the urgency to bring the dish. Asked the cashier to cross it off the bill, she didn’t object (must be a normal occurrence).


First and last time. Overpriced and over-hyped food executed poorly delivered by clumsy teenagers. These are restaurant prices for a food court experience.

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Shop 173 – 175 Westfield Burwood, 100 Burwood Road, Burwood, Sydney, NSW
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