Review: Yogurtland – George Street (Sydney)

When you enter the shop it feels spacious and neat,  almost too much space wasted as a store that size just had just two indoor tables making it quite bland.
The selection is much greater than any froyo place I’ve been too in terms of flavours and toppings. Cheese cake, cookie dough and lots of fresh fruit do look appealing though.
I was optimistic when creating my customised self-served 5 flavour monster froyo. I wasn’t impressed despite the high rating on Urbanspoon. Forget the toppings, the froyo itself should be the star of the show and it was not for me. The mochi was of lower quality than other franchises.
Froyo in my opinion is nice because of that slight tangyness on the palette. It is supposed to be yoghurt after all,  if I wanted sweet,  I would have just got icecream. I was disappointed that it wasn’t better than Yogurberry. That’s is just my opinion, I prefer Yogurberry anyday.


Not the best in its category for me. Good for a take-away, unless you want to spend some quality time eating on George Street due to limited seating. If you’re after their unique flavours of Hazelnut, Cookies and Cream, etc and wider selection of toppings this might be the place for you.

Would I go again?


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