Review: Yogurberry – World Square

This franchise has the best commercial froyo. It’s marketed as premium frozen yogurt and I’ll give it to them, after about five visits their standards have been maintained.
My favourite thing about Yogurberry is freedom, freedom of mixing any ratio of flavours, freedom of toppings and free fun for guessing the bill almost like guessing the kgs lost in the biggest loser.
In our game everybody is a winner, a winner of a cup of delicious creamy tangy yogurt just how you created it. However with this freedom comes a Catch-22, the bill. The smaller cup filled to a small heap would come to ~$13 and is probably way too much for one person unless that’s your dinner.
My favourites are plain, mango and coconut. I’m not into asian flavours like green tea and taro. As for toppings I always go for Mochi and Boba.


When walking along George street, there’s froyo on almost every block, this is my pick for now. Next stop Yogurtland.

Would I go again?