This Japanese place reminds me a lot of The Transformers movies, may be because it is originally Japanese and is pretty high-tech for a restaurant.
It also had all the shortcomings of the movie as well, despite having plenty of action and eye-candy like super-cars and Megan Fox, the memorable storyline and character development was not there.
At Yebisa Izakaya (YI), you have your personal ordering system via an iPad. Very good system indeed, the whole menu is there and ordering is very simple. Each item is sent to the kitchen upon selection improving and speeding up the ordering process quite a bit. Status of each dish can be seen in real time as well as the total bill on the iPad.
Service was also very good, waiters were very hospitable and the chefs really had a eye for detail on the sushi platter as you can see.
YI has the special effects (iPad ordering) and good-looking cast (service and customer service). The main objective was lost unfortunately.
Gyoza was soggy and not crispy down the bottom as it should be it was a disappointment.
Nice touch by the chef by combining two dishes: the sushi platter with the soft-shell crab sushi in an inspired presentation. Nevertheless, again no substance, sashimi component was not of the best value and wrapped sushi roll fillings were disappointing.


Dinning at YI is sort of a gimmick, some days they might get the food right, but not on my visit. The place has a good energy and concept but failed to deliver on taste.

Would I go again?

No. Just like a Transformers movie, it’s a one time only.

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