Opposite what used to be Pasta Goma (kind of predicted it) is another Japanese place that stuck to a traditional Japanese menu of ramen, curries and bentos instead of a fusion Italiano-Jap menu of their demised neighbour. I was seated at the bar / kitchen seats and it was quite enjoyable. I didn’t see their table seating if any it was probably in another room.


Yes the ramen broth was rich! not as thick as Gumshara but in between the latter and Ippudo. The noodles are handmade and you can watch them being made in the front window and of course they tasted amazing. Doubling the number of pieces of pork for $5 is totally worth it. Unlike other ramen places, the grilled pork has that smokey flavour that goes well with the broth. Very good ramen.


These chips were crispy, deep fried to a packet of chips consistency. They weren’t that enjoyable as they were over-salted. The kitchen might have double seasoned these ones.


The curry was a classic Japanese curry with soft meat, tangy curry sauce and bits of pickled peppers? to relieve from the dense curry sauce. The dish is reasonably good.


Yasaka is a great addition to the Japanese restaurant scene in the Sydney CBD. It’s an authentic type restaurant that executes very well. The service is flawless. For my next visit those freshly-made Takoyaki looked delicious and more ramen for next time!

Would I go again?


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