Review: TripView Sydney

TripView: the best $3.29 spent

Public transport is a nightmare over here,  one thing that is alleviate your suffering is knowing where is that train or bus. This app has already saved me hours and hours of travel time.


It’s pretty good especially to know if you have missed your bus. From my experience,  the arrival time is not as reliable as the train because of changes in road conditions but 3 minutes prior to that time should be safe.




The app itself works best for trains. The best real-time app yet used.


This is a must-have app for Sydney.


  • Know if you have to run for it when interchanging.
  • Especially good when you have the choice of taking a selection of bus routes from the city and work out if it worth waiting for an express or one with a closer bus stop.
  • Skipped that old cramped train and if worth the gamble for the next one to be air conditioned.


TripView Sydney Lite is also available, the limitation is you cannot save your trips.

Google Play
Windows Phone

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