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Review: Three Brothers – Ashfield

Three Brothers is a weird one. From the outside it looks nothing like a Japanese Restaurant until you notice the photos in the window. There is plenty of seating despite the small appearance with a second dinning area. The menu is quite broad ranging from bento boxes to sushi.


Deep fried tofu

three brothers agedashi tofuThe tofu was drowned into the flavouring sauce or soup. The tofu was cooked perfectly but had to be eaten quickly unless you like soggy tofu. The sauce really contained all the flavour and the tofu itself was quite bland. Not a bad starter if you’re a fan of tofu.


Crumbled chicken with katsa sauce

three brothers chicken katsuThe chicken was very good, crispy crumble which wrapped succulent chicken meat. It’s of a high standard. The apple-cabbage garnish was weird and made some parts of the dish too sweet. The curry was very ordinary but not too heavy.

+ Extra sushi & sashimi $6

three brothers chicken katsu eki bento three brothers chicken katsu eki bentoThe bento had the exact same katsu. The add-ons were on dumplings, spring rolls, sushi and sashimi. The additional sashimi and fish were fresh that’s always good to note. The combination of the cold coleslaw and warm rice didn’t go well together and taste-wise, the coleslaw dressing was too sweet and very much spoiled the dish.


This suburban Japanese can act as a fix but will not completely substitute any decent Japanese place in the city. The attempts at creativity using apple and coleslaw backfired for me. Lastly, it is slightly overpriced for the location.

Would I go again?


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317 Liverpool Road, Ashfield, Sydney, NSW

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