Review: The Sparrow’s Mill

This Korean restaurant centrally located opposite World Square is buzzing and that was on a Tuesday night. Lots of fried chicken, bibimacs and Seoul train shots in this hectic restaurant. Whilst it is positively buzzing, it is not the place for a quiet conversation unless you don’t mind the noise. After 6pm groups of more than 4 might find it difficult to get a table.


I wanted to try something different and this dish caught my eye. Firstly, I like the fact half portions are offered, half chicken is just right for two people. The chicken was well cooked no complains there. The flavouring took time to grow on me, tasted like cheese flavouring from cheetos-style snacks. Overall, the sweetness overpowers the saltiness of the cheese. So if you do not like sweet, try another flavour.


This pancake is probably the best Korean style pancake I have had. That being said, most of the seafood was overcooked, that must be how Koreans like to have it. Other than that it was slightly crispy much better than Seoul Ria‘s pancake.


Buzzing and trendy, this Korean restaurant is packed even on a weekday. The fried chicken is above average (still want to try the other flavours). I certainly do not have a great appreciation for Korean food but I somewhat enjoyed this. My next order is the spring onion fried chicken and Bibimbap.

Would I go again?


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