Review: The Choc Pot (Burwood)

Located at the heart of Burwood, next to Oliver Brown…don’t get me started on how Oliver Brown is shite. The Choc Pot is doing what Oliver Brown and Max Brenner should be. The menu is creative, fresh and the chocolate is always the star of the dish. Seating is limited to about 8-12 tables so there might be a queue, that’s why I had a quick dinner to grab a seat for this :).


This signature dish deserves to have a store named after it. When served, it’s theatrical with chocolate sauce erupting from the 4cm pot. It is basically a chocolate fondant served with the most minimal cooking just so the cake crust is formed in the pot. That cake case is scarce so dig deep to get the cake and liquid, otherwise you’ll be left with just liquid (it’s about 70% liquid). The chocolate itself tasted nice for the price. The extra side of ice-cream is highly recommended to not miss out on that hot-cold sensation in your mouth.


This is how it’s done: freshly cooked waffle with fresh strawberries and generously covered with chocolate sauce. The waffle was obviously served hot. The texture of the waffle was only lightly crisp, I would have wanted more crunch. The insides were soft and light, always beats re-heated ones.


The drinks in general were less sweet than average which I enjoyed. The flavours were really enjoyable and best of all was how the ice was blended: just at the perfect consistency that it melted in the mouth at first contact.

Very enjoyable shake with peanut bits still left in. Full flavoured without any sharp sweetness. Good by itself or with a dessert.


How did I not know about this place? After my review (rant) about Max Brenner. The Choc Pot does everything the right way: cooked to order desserts, creative specials and good service. The chocolate they use in all their desserts is alright but isn’t my flavourite compared to competitors.Β 

Would I go again?


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