thai number one ashfield massaman beef curry close up

Review: Thai Number One – Ashfield

Food in Ashfield has been a disappointing as foodie suburb so far with New Shanghai the only one to be half decent. Thai Number One was the next stop. The place is quaint and has that family ran feeling. Most people take-away.


with 1 prawn

thai number one ashfield pad thai chickenFunny: with one prawn. That’s exactly the description on the menu. When the dish arrived, it had exactly one prawn, at least they are honest. The Pad Thai was of a good standard and value. Of course it wasn’t not the best ever but still very good for Ashfield.


The most famous Thai curry cooked with potato mild curry sauce

thai number one ashfield massaman beef curry close upThe massaman curry was the dish of the day. The beef was super tender and fell apart with a spoon. The result was a stringy meat in a well-balanced sauce. The latter wasn’t overly sweet but still had a slight kick of chilli. The potatoes were cooked to breakdown point. This dish was the ultimate comfort food on a cold winter’s night served with rice.

thai number one ashfield massaman beef curry


thai number one ashfield thai milk teaOne of the best Thai milk teas after Green Peppercorn. It was well balanced and not too sweet. The signature robust tea taste was there. This is the perfect reliever if you are less chili tolerant.


Thai Number One is one of the better local dining options in the area. It is a no non-sense Thai restaurant that served great value food efficiently and more importantly tasty for most palettes. It is catered to a general audience as it isn’t overly spicy. I will be a regular at this place as they seemed to be one of the better Thai places around Ashfield. They are also on Menulog (look out for vouchers).

Will I go again?


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12 Charlotte Street, Ashfield, Sydney, NSW

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