Review: Taste of Shanghai (Eastwood)

This restaurant is very popular in Eastwood, its probably the only one I have seen that has a lunch time queue. So get there before noon or else you’ll have to wait.
The look and feel is pretty grimy: paint cracking off and ceiling tiles are very dirty, it must have looked decent when it first opened. Cleanliness is pretty bad too, there were food residue on the bowls and tea cups. The layout is very poor, remember that Facebook game Restaurant City? these guys applied it in real life by stacking as many tables as possible in there.
These ones (Pan-Fry Pork Buns) were the best, we had to wait for them but they are worth the wait (well not too long). As you can imagine, once they did arrive (at least you know they are freshly made, or freshly fried :p), the dough element was very good indeed. Soft on top with a crispy base, the liquid was tasty but the pork filing was a little too fatty.
Taste of Shanghai (Eastwood)
Shanghai Xiao Long Bao – a classic but had something missing. No wow-factor about them.
Taste of Shanghai (Eastwood)
The Poached Pork Dumplings in Chili Oil were quite different. The dough texture is more chewy and slippery.
Taste of Shanghai (Eastwood)


This place is a no thrills, no cleanliness and no service joint. It’s only worth trying if you’re in the area already and have massive dumpling cravings.I guess they offer pretty good value (price list) and you really get what you pay for and even more including artefacts of the previous meal.

Would I go again?