Taste of Shanghai Ashfield Chinese Pork and Chive Dumplings

Review: Taste of Shanghai Ashfield

This Ashfield Chinese restaurant is part of a four restaurant Taste of Shanghai chain with the others located in the CBD and Eastwood. The menu is huge, however they are most well-known for the dumpling section.


Taste of Shanghai Ashfield Chinese Pork and Chive DumplingsThe skin was too thick compared to other dumpling specialists. The filling was tasty no complains here.

PORK & PRAWN WONTON SOUP (12pcs) $8.80

Taste of Shanghai Ashfield Chinese Pork and Prawn Wonton SoupThe soup was light almost bland. I hope it’s a simple soup not to overpower the wontons, I am giving them the benefit of the doubt for that. The wontons were average, I would have preferred less wontons but more flavour. That’s not a huge chip on the bowl, it’s the spoon holder xD…


Taste of Shanghai Ashfield Chinese Shandong chickenThis a such a disappointing dish. The chicken was tough almost like it was cooked too quickly although it did take quite a while to come out. The sauce had too much ginger and too much overpowering sweetness. Ordered this with rice, and the rice was tough (probably an old batch). Complete fail, a Woolies roast chicken would have tasted better.

Taste of Shanghai Ashfield Chinese Shandong Chicken close


Now I understand why the line is at New Shanghai and not here. The dumplings were acceptable, the rest is pretty bad for these prices. The Shandong chicken is a fail and if that is an indication of the standard of the a-la-carte food I’m never going back here, I prefer to cook.

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264 Liverpool Road, Ashfield, NSW 2131

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Decent dumplings
Well-priced dumplings
Poor hygiene
Amateur and sloppy service
A-la-carte dishes hit and miss
Stale rice