Review: Taste Baguette (North Sydney)

Pork Belly Roll

This was a satisfying grab-and-go lunch. Normally we focus too much on the protein and forget the carb/base of the dish. At Taste Baguette, they focus on bread and that’s 75% of what makes a great roll. The pork filling was delicious too, I do like crispy foods a lot. Crispy pork crackling in crispy baguette is just a great combo for me. It just means that every element was fresh and assembled with care.
Additional plus is the take-away paper packet is foil coated to prevent any sauce or oiliness to make a mess on your hand or clothes.


At $10.50 a roll, it’s not cheap, but if it is executed like that every time, it is yummy.
P.S: “word on the street” is that all branches are not equal.

Would I go again?