My first zero rating! I hoped this day would never happen. Well it’s more of a PSA, you have been warned.
What’s right about this place? the branding is colourful and attractive, although in nature animals with those attributes are regarded with “stay away or die” a.k.a very poisonous. Tamayaki might be one of those animals, let me tell you how it will kill your appreciation of Japanese food forever.
 Front shop photo credit: A LITTLE BIT OF TANG
Mayo/sauce is not the traditional one, fine but they didn’t replace it with something better. Texture of the takoyaki falls apart. Inside, it’s mushy and chewing in you’ll only find raw cabbage that actually makes it worse. Could not even finish them, it was that unpleasant.
There’s a reason why the bin is right next to the “Pick Up Here” sign as you taste it and chuck it in the bin.


Never again. I know it’s cheap so I shouldn’t be so harsh on the rating, on the other hand there are just too many better alternatives in that price range.
In summary my reaction:

Would I go again?