Review: Sun’s Burmese Kitchen – Blacktown

This local award-winning restaurant is a hidden gem in Western Sydney. Burmese food is often put in the same bracket as Indian and Nepalese cuisine, in that respect I would describe it as the more the more Indian version of Nepalese.


4 almost birds nest-like structures made of onions that trapped baby shrimps. It is probably the best onion rings I’ve had. Not too oily, instead they are light, tasty and full of texture. A very good starter that wets the appetite.


(Dish name might be wrong)
This dish is not for the faint hearted. If you have fallen in a pot of chilli when you were a baby, this is a noodle dish that you will enjoy. I would say that my spiciness threshold is quite high, this is deadly, even for chilli initiated. After a few spoons of this I submitted, it tasted unique almost had that Japanese curry flavour but was not tasty enough to make me go through the torturous burn.


This is the Burmese version of an Indian Biryani. Overall it is a very tasty rice dish. The moisture and rice was cooked Indian style – more dry. The hidden gem is the beautiful moist and delicious chicken hidden under that rice. The dish also comes with fried shallots to add crunchiness, a fresh pickled cucumber salad for that acidity kick and warm soup to form a truly complete meal at $11.
Hot tea is complimentary.


This local restaurant although remotely located in a local gem, that punches well above its weight in terms of value, authenticity and customer service. The value factor affects my rating quite a bit I admit but when you can feed a young family for under $30 (2 x Danbauk and 1 x Fried Shrimps) it’s difficult to find the alternative. I’d say it’s worth a try if you live within 20 minutes of this place but I would not drive further than that to try it out.

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