Review: staticICE

If you have not heard about staticICE? you really need to bookmark it now. It is a tech product price aggregator which considers reputable overseas online stores and local stores.


staticICE, an Australian own company, is Australia’s tech price comparison search engine focusing specifically in the computer hardware, computer software, digital cameras and lenses and consumer electronics market.

We simplify the price shopping experience by connecting consumers to some of the best deals and prices from over 200 retailers across Australia in one simple web site. screenshoot


I’m a fan of the website. It updates the prices more often than other similar sites and is very responsive.

However the search can be improved especially for pc hardware where searching “HD 7990” and “HD7990” return different results. My advice to you is to try with and without spaces, excluding specific words that might narrow down the results too much for comparison. They should also have a checkbox to exclude accessories, when searching for a Nexus 7, no I did not want to buy a $5 screen protector.


Everyone would prefer to buy locally but most of the time online prices are just too good to turn down.

For example, I was after this camera, a Panasonic Lumix LX7

If you staticICE it you will see the cheapest is $308. However the cheapest local price is $538 which is 75% more. Although you might have to add shipping and insurance. Let’s say it 50% more, now with this information you can make a better decision do you want a grey import, waiting time and other uncertainties of buying online or is local stock and warranty worth paying 50% more.

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