Review: Ramen Zundo – World Square (Sydney)

Located in the World Square Centre, perfect central location and separate tables available for a casual Japanese meal.


Classic noodle dish with a light broth which is a mixture of chicken and pork as opposed to the Rich option which is pure pork. It’s up to personal taste but if you’re a ramen beginner start with the light version :).
The were noodles cooked perfectly and the only slice of pork in the bowl just melts in your mouth, no better feeling than soft pork belly fat dissolving as you chew the meaty part. Overall it’s good and hits the spot on a winter night.


p.s. my photos got corrupted πŸ™
Ippudo had a tsukemen special, but here its available all-year round. The concept of this dish is to dip your noodles in the concentrated broth for flavour. It’s great if you’re not feeling like soup and impatient as you do not have to let the noodles cool down. Over here you even have the option to get the noodles hot or cold unlike Ippudo which was cold only.
The noodles are thicker but not as thick as udon noodles. The texture of the noodles is great, just the right amount of chewiness. The meat isn’t mince pork but it’s more like chunky bits of pork which is great considering the price.


The main selling point is the tsukemen and the variety of combinations will please almost every palette including spiciness. Overall Ramen Zundo offers even better quality and selection than Menya at a similar price point and finally there is no communal table sharing at Zundo which gives them bonus points for me.

Would I go again?


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