Review: Porteno at Sydney Festival 2015

I was trying to hold back but I have to blog about how disgusted I am with Porteno.SMOKED WAGYU PHILLY CHEESE STEAK SANDWICH


The photo and the price speaks for themselves, yes mostly the price. For $15, wow this dish offers one of the lowest value propositions I have encountered. I think that I am very reasonable but what is the point of using quality meat like this and overcook it. It tasted like cheap bacon.

Rational behind the high prices?
Some people argue that yes, they are re-deploying staff or getting extra staff meaning a lost of business at their brick and mortar restaurant and extra staffing costs. I disagree, they should give an experience to remember at a lower cost to insure bookings for months to come. They would surely still make money with the volume of people at the festival. They should have advertised that this was a fundraiser for their new kitchen, then I wouldn’t be so disgusted (joke).


Porteno disappointed themselves with this sub-standard, ill-conceived and overpriced $2 roll. Let me tell you that I will not be going to the restaurant nor pop-up until I get a refund.

Would I go again?


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