The first time I went to Cabramatta, I knew nothing about its trouble past. These days it’s a warm and buzzing town during the day (haven’t been at night). The shops and food (the cane juice, French influenced bread and pastries) remind of me of my home country.

Pho choices in Cabramatta?

Let’s talk about Pho. While I was in Melbourne, the go-to place was in Springvale: a suburb very similar to Cabramatta. I was feeling confident that I would find some good Pho here. The problem that was there were so many to choose from. I checked foursquare and Pho Tau Bay popped up, technology is beautiful when it works.


Rare beef, beef brisket, tendons, beef balls & beef bible

pho tau bay cabramatta pho bo dac biet special beef top pho tau bay cabramatta pho bo dac biet special closeLocated at the end of the main street, once inside I realised that wow this place has been written up in a couple of publications and my expectations were growing. Pho is one of my favourite dishes and it is one of those those very personal dishes where everybody would season, spice or eat it in a different way and method. There are dozens of ways of flavouring it: fresh chilli, chilli sauce, bean sprouts, mint and soy. I like to savour the first few spoons untouched and add some fresh chilli and herbs for the rest.

The broth was amazing, light and fragrant so much so that I finished all of it. The noodles had great texture. The mixture of meats made each mouthful different. The rare meat was my favourite, followed by the tripe. This medium sized serving is just enough if you want to try other stuff in town otherwise it’s $14 for the larger bowl.


The Pho of combination beef cuts was delicious. Comparing it to other places I’ve tried so far this is the best one. It is a no-frills dine in and the layout is quite congested but that is to be expected in this kind of place. I can’t wait to try the other famous Pho place in Bankstown.

Would I go again?


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12/117 John Street, Cabramatta (Entry on Hills St)

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