Review: The Paramount Coffee Project

Located closer to the city compared to the other cafes of its type. I didn’t have any expectations of the food this time and that might have been a blessing. Queues for lunch on the weekend are to be expected.

Chorizo, cannelini beans, toast 

It was OK, it was a very peppery dish: the chorizo there to give heat and spice amalgamated in a cushion of baked egg with only one egg yolk still runny at least, all that on a foundation of baked beans. The eggs were heavily seasoned with ground pepper and this might not agree with everyone. This is not the best way to cook eggs in my opinion, the base was kind of overcooked and tasted like the eggs prepared in a ring on the barbie.


Soft shell crab, house slaw, ranch sauce, milk bun

Fancy name but at the end of the day it was just a deep fried soft shell crab in a bun with some condiments. Overpriced for what it is.


I did enjoy these babies. Extra crispy batter with the onions soft inside but still having a slight bite so you know it’s still onion. Really good with the aioli. The only snag was that they were bunch up together and they need more care when frying. These should be included with the crab burger as a meal as at $24 for both is unreasonable.

Expresso, icecream, love

This is the best iced coffee I drank in my life. I was expecting a good blend at this place with coffee in its trading name and they didn’t disappoint and at $9 well you better not fuck up.


This one was too was a little more oily and more donut than croissant for me. Still better than the ordinary coffee shop cronut but similar to Brewtown’s but more stale. It can’t touch Adriano Zumbo’s Zonut which is still the best cronut in Sydney for me.


I think they are just strong on the coffee and drinks. Food is average and very overpriced. Most of the seating is made of communal tables. I’ll probably only go back for the iced coffee but even that is not a good reason enough.

Would I go again?


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