Review: Pappa Rich – Westfield (Parramatta)


The presentation was as good as laksa can be. Carefully placed eggplant fritters, fried tofu and sliced fish cakes. Once you dig in its a one type egg noodle underneath. The chicken was very scarce indeed compared to its competitors. The most disappointing was the broth which is the soul of the dish in my opinion. First impression is that it is watery, I’m not sure if the recipe has been adapted to the mainstream but there was no depth of flavour what so ever. In any case, it could have been much better and Pappa should be more generous with the proteins.


Very average dish. Chicken was not the best and the rest could not be rated as they are all ready-made elements placed on a dish.

TEH TARIK  $3.90 + PAPPA CHAM $3.90 

Questionable choice of glasses for a tea and just another illusion to make believe that this is value. The tea is actually warm with ice added on top, quite disappointing that they did not mix it beforehand.


Their only differentiator is their paper form ordering system which I find more of an inconvenience for the customer than a positive and it definitely makes the service appear less personable. These prices should be way lower due to this staff cost saving strategy. The system is outdated, ever heard of tablets? with direct to the kitchen point-of-sale system. The food is average and offer less value than its competitors. The things going for it is its convenient location at Parramatta Station and lack of competitors in its close proximity.

Would I go again?


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