Review: Pappa Rich (Chatswood)

Pappa Rich Chatswood: The First Pappa

First of all, the review is not to vouch for the authenticity of the cuisine. Lunch time is packed,  lucky to arrive just after noon to get a seat without a reservation.

The place has a good vibe,  a bit more posh than others its category.  In my opinion,  the menu is reasonably priced but do not expect a waiter to take your order.
A step up from a food court,  you write down your order yourself using reference codes. If you’re the one placing the order beware,  just one letter misplaced and you’ll have an unhappy diner.
papparich chatswood malaysian restaurant
Push the buzzer,  and you hand it your form and hope for the best. Nah just kidding.
Food arrived swiftly.  Everything arrived at the same time(table of 5). Big portions are ideal for sharing.
The Nasi Goreng was full of flavour. The cabbage added a subtle crunch that was unusual but gave the rice more body.
papparich chatswood malaysian restaurant nasi goreng
Laksa was ordinary,  probably not the best.
papparich chatswood malaysian restaurant laksa

Nasi Lemak was faultless.  Their sambal is well balanced and not overpowering even in big doses.

papparich chatswood malaysian restaurant nasi lemak


Can’t really go wrong here. Get there early and double check your order,  you’ll be on your way to a full tummy without the damage.

Would I go again?

Maybe.  I would like try the other dishes.