oliver brown

Review: Oliver Brown (Sydney)

First impression is that it’s just a Max Brenner rip off and I think it might just be that.  The menus are very similar although Oliver Brown has a greater selection and the decor is a diluted version of Max B instead of three pipes of chocolate there was one.


oliver brown

It was okay almost served to the same standard as Max Brenner but the waffle itself had a nicer flavour. The ice-cream had the texture of soft serve ice-cream – not that indulgent as you could imagine. The worst part was the lack of chocolate: less than half-way through the plate after scraping every drop of melted chocolate, I was like a druggie looking for my next hit. Quite disappointing as the melted chocolate is what made it good. Luckily ordered the Iced chocolate drink resupply my choc-levels to an acceptable state.


Drink was pretty good! had lots of chocolate flakes in it.


I do not understand why chocolate is not the star of the dish as this is a supposed to be a chocolate mecca and to be honest without the chocolate, it is a below average dish at $18.50. Maybe the plate is too small for two waffles reducing the area of melted chocolate.
Service is quick and efficient though. If only Max Brenner had their kind of service… Max Brown??

Would I go again?


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