Review: New Shanghai – Ashfield

New Shanghai is the Din Tai Fung of the inner west not to be mistaken by New Shanghai Night two doors away. It is probably the most popular restaurant in Ashfield with a line for lunch and dinner at any day of the week. The dumplings are handcrafted in the front window and the interior is surprisingly spacious and decorated with nice fittings that do not match the prices or the area.

XIAO LONG BAO 8pcs $7.80
The wrap was thin with a nice texture. It held the filling and of course the delicious pork filling. It was of a good standard, served at the right temperature so no cooling time was required.


These were pretty good, filled with pork and chives. The filing was quite delicious. The skin was soft with crispy patches of fried skin as expected.


The shallot pancake was a little bland. The texture was very nice, crisp and little flaky. I like distinct flavors and this was very subtle, a little too subtle. No danger of bad breath after this one.


New Shanghai has exceeded my expectations. For a suburban restaurant it is ahead of the competition with freshly made dumplings in a clean and tastefully decorated dinning area. Best of all excellent value and will be back to try more of the menu and hot food. Let’s hope they do not disappoint.

Would I go again?


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