Review: NaruOne Korean Restaurant


Honestly the fried chicken does look very appetising when it is served. The dish is made up of about 15 random small cuts of chicken served with a generous amount of shredded spring onion accompanied by sides of sauce and pickled vegetables.The chicken is cooked reasonably well, the best part is the batter: super crispy without being greasy. However due to the randomly sized cuts the smaller pieces are overcooked thus dry and tough. The other issue is that the chicken has the right texture some of the time but the flavour is one dimensional all of the time. Finally I question the value, the price is quite steep for what it is. Serving such a big batch should mean better price as they are not frying one piece of chicken at a time.


Technically there are some issues and questionable value makes me rate this place below average based on their signature KFC (Colonel Sanders wins here).

Would I go again?


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