Review: N2 Extreme Gelato (Sydney)

N2 is magic and centrally located from almost any meal in Sydney CBD and you know what I would skip dinner just to go there.
n2 gelato chinatown
n2 gelato chinatown
Gelato is made instantly to order. Instantly? Instant is often associated with worse or inferior.  Good thing there’s something called technology and those experimental minds that challenge the traditional methods.
I’m sure you’ve read about the technique on other blogs or seen on TV. To the uninitiated though,  it’s magic and it does look like it too.  At first glance you would not know if something on fire or the staff were smoking cigars. The end result is the smoothest gelato possible: once the nitrogen gets mixed into the cream liquid, it instantly freezes it and guarantees that virtually no large ice crystals will have time to form.
I’ve been here many times before but this was my first N2 Black which is $2 more, it was really a Brokeback Moment :p. Good take on something familiar but executed at another level. Syringes might look gimmicky but excellent idea to make sure no spoon is boring and you can keep enough for the bottom and also it fits in well with their science theme. It was very smooth, irresistible. The honeycomb and chocolate shards went well together and just when you run out of toppings towards the bottom, inject your reserve salted caramel sauce. Hmmmm…
n2 gelato
The flavours are always great at N2 and you must love the geeky and funny names too like Pop My Cherry 2.0.
n2 gelato wall
n2 gelato wall 2


It’s amazing how many people haven’t been or even heard about N2, if you are one of them, you should definitely try them. They are right though 1 scoop is definitely enough!

Would I go again?


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