Review: My Sweet Memory – Town Hall

What a weird name right? My Sweet Memory (MSM) I would describe this place as a fusion of Smiggle, Morning Glory, Chatime and an asian bakery. All of a sudden the name makes as much sense than the previous sentence.
The front of the shop is stocked with stationary, novelty items and satchels and the rest of it is a regular coffee shop. Most of the business much be from the food as I never seen someone browse or buy any of that stuff.


MSM ice green tea blended is unlike any other iced green tea beverage I have ever tasted. The subtle matcha green tea flavour with the ice blended to a pleasant consistency and there is no fault with the drink even the sweetness is well judged. This drink beats Starbuck’s Green Tea Frappuccino any day!


A cake to forget, pastry was heavy and the cream had an artificial sensation in the mouth that tasted nothing like pistachio. The latter was also bitter and tasted like medicine (in a bad way).


Pretty surprised with this Magnum mousse. The outer shell looked solid as if made of chocolate but it was made of a gluttonous coating which holds the mousse. The flavours coming through were banana and quite simple. The wow effect and presentation were there but this dessert failed in depth of flavours and textures.


MSM is a quirky place to hang out and a good alternative to go to if Starbucks is full, although it does get quite loud when packed. The drinks line up cater for the Asian palette but also offer the standard coffee shop drink as well. It’s no surprise that their main selling point is their Green Tea Blended drink which is better than its competitors. Drinks are the only things I would return here for as the cakes were not to my liking.

Would I go again?


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