Sambal, crispy fried noodles, duck on the menu. This Japanese isn’t your typical sushi and bento box joint.
I like that the chef has actually allowed classic Japanese dishes be influenced by other various cuisines just like the population of Sydney. I would say the menu is pretty unique. The sashimi was very fresh great starter for two.
Ordered safe with the chicken it wasn’t fried to crispy ash, still was moist in its textured shell. The chilli mayo was a great dip was tasty accompanied with some Japanese style white rice.
As the adventurous choice, the duck soup on noodles was a good gamble.  Rich broth with great depth of flavour with mushroom and with a subtle smoky after taste. Noodles had some bite to it and the top half was fried Chinese style giving it a good mixed of textures. Each spoon made me beg for more, add a mushroom here, a piece of tender duck there. Its a dish with personality that allows for the diner to personalise it making the experience pretty unique.
Just a side note, I don’t know for sure if they usually play a set of romantic tunes but if they don’t great awareness of the staff to do so as there were mainly tables of two at the time.


Finally,  great presentation,  ambience and Japanese hospitality at its best. Can’t wait to try the other dishes on this creative menu.

Would I go again?