It’s probably the closest Chinese restaurant to Parramatta train station that is cheap and has a wide range.
Service is quite good,  although they are a little too efficient at removing your plates if you know what I mean and in this case other tables were free, so must be by habit.


Pork belly dish was good although the veggies were stone cold (mixing them with the hot rice fixed it). The pork was tender and had good flavour. In other words,  I would just go back for that pork dish.


The soup was totally bland (stock cube anyone?) and wontons were probably imports (frozen) although that is to be expected in smaller restaurants despite this the dish might still hit the spot on a cold rainy day.


Quick meals with great value and that can be enjoyed any day of the week. Not worth traveling for but if you’re in the area and looking for Chinese, have a go.

Would I go again?