Review: Mr Crackles


The is almost the best pork roll ever, the succulent pork is the star here, tender meat and super crispy crackling. Fresh salad and decent chewy bread were average. Not much wrong with the ingredients, the main problem is that the roll is too small, it’s like Kim Kardashian trying to get in her skinny jeans – more like a salad roll with chunky pieces of pork placed on top. Despite this I would still go back for their pork, it is definitely an experience but a messy one.


Crackling sounds like a very good mouth-watering idea. In practice, I think it’s more of a novelty. After the first bite it’s good for sure, it soon dries up your mouth. Crackling without pork fat not so yum.


Personnel is not that friendly, I hope its because they woke up at 3am to start cooking that delicious pork and perfecting his crackling. Definitely an experience, with a few menu tweaks this could be one of the best pork rolls in Sydney. Just be prepared to take-away as seating is very limited. Pork is wonderful but this roll is not well constructed, Taste Baguette‘s one wins this one.

Would I go again?


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