Review: Mister Gee Burger Truck – Sydney

This food truck is gaining some momentum in the past few weeks. Just had to try them out.


At 7pm, all the seats were taken, so I took the take-away option to Westfield around the block. The waiting time is pretty long as well – 25min. No time for money shot photos I was way too hungry by then, in a way it’s better to appreciate that it’s just a simple burger. The foil sleeve is very clever and allows the customers to eat on the go without making a mess. Mister Gee used fresh and soft brioche-type bun and in the middle a thick patty (thicker than usual) cooked from medium to medium-rare. That brings up my first snag: one side of the patty was more cooked that the other, as you can imagine the less cooked side tasted like heaven. I started from more cooked saying yeah the flavours taste alright, when at the second half, I was like wow this is getting better. This particular burger is clearly one of their most classic combinations using cheese, caramelised onions, pickle and sauce. It was a good burger however it could be improved. Their other burgers do look more appetising like the Fat Boy or The Truffe coming up.


On the other hand, these French fries were quite the opposite. Nothing needed improvement about these perfectly cooked fries, seasoned just right and the sauce was amazing with a subtle truffle oil flavour coming through. Definitely moreish and indulgent. The perfect comfort/cheat meal.

Too bad the Baklava shake was not available on the day 🙁


This particular Cheese Boogie burger had the classic combinations of cheese, onion, pickle which isn’t bad. I just feel that this wasn’t their best signature burger. The execution has some small issues like uneven cooking and long waiting times. Nevertheless for that half-burger that was cooked nicely, it was heaven and the truffle fries were exceptional. It is a novel experience to sit on the street or eat in your car, so this experience isn’t for everyone. I would still try them again for their shakes and curious about their other burgers.

Would I go again?


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