Review: Messina The Star (Pyrmont)

Since arriving in Sydney,  I was looking for my Il Dolce Freddo substitute. I heard the hype about Messina and my visit there was really overdue.
The journey to one of their stores is almost like a pilgrimage,  all of them so cunningly located equidistant from George St and are really hard to get to.
messina pyrmont sydney
I went all French with the flavours, one scoop of Crème Brûlée and the other Almond Croissant. I was definitely a good choice, Crème Brûlée really got it right with shards hailing on my tastebuds. They really captured the essence of what makes a Crème Brûlée special and interpreted it into gelato. The other scoop was yummy too, pure silky croissant flavour almost buttery with pieces of solid croissant pastry giving it that body and texture and even a deserved break from the coldness and sweetness before the next hit of flavour.
messina pyrmont

p.s. some reviews complained about having not seating, open your eyes there’s a whole food court few metres inside or you could go outside in the park and enjoy the view.


My faith in Messina was rewarded much more than what I could have ever imagined. The gelato by itself is beautiful and I would be very happy with that alone. They are generous with the real chucks of goodness and that makes each mouthful an adventure.  Best so far.

Would I go again?