Review: Messina – Creative Department

Finally made it to the Messina mothership. There were two entrances: one side with normal gelato front shop and the other was the Creative Department.

The latter section was not what I was expecting somehow I always thought that the seating area would have been a little firstly bigger and secondly more grandiose. Seating was limited 4 tall bar seats and 2 small coffee tables outside which is not ideal to eat plated desserts.

In terms of the dishes themselves, they are made to order/assembled and none of them would not be misplaced in any high profile restaurant.

Fresh baked รฉclair filled with lemon curd & lemon jelly. Filled with fresh vanilla custard gelato, topped with caramelised meringue & confit lemon.

This is my first iced eclair. They really do the eclair justice with this interpretation and even improved it. The pastry was amazing since it was fresh, adding the crunchy element to the dish. The vanilla custard gelato was smooth and light. It was a great substitute to the usual cream along side the curd and jelly which just provided more textures and bursts of flavour. The addition of the delicious meringue just makes all that richness lighter in the mouth. The confit lemon did its job of giving that acidity kick while still remaining balanced.

Choc-coated peanut gelato, peanut nougatine shards and marshmallows atop our home made chocolate graham cracker.

This one was a little harder to eat on a coffee table. The execution was perfect, all the flavours delivered and the cracker just wow gave that additional level of crunchy texture. The only flaw for me is that the base was too hard to eat with a spoon only.


Messina never fails to deliver in creativity and taste. This creative department is mainly a kitchen/factory but I think they should have a proper sit-down place for customers to enjoy on premise and not just a pick-up point. The dishes themselves are 5/5 but 4/5 for the location and overall experience.

Would I go again?


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