Review: Menya Noodle Bar – Market Street (Sydney)

Hidden under a office block, this Japanese casual noodle bar is very popular. On the time I went, there was already a queue of 4 tables before the dinner service starting time of 6pm.

The layout is made up of huge tables and bar style seating inside and a few tables of 2-3 outside.


They were generous with the chicken, although I’m not a fan of them serving it in the soup, I guess that’s the tradition. Noodles were nice with a bite to them. The only big mistake was a long hair found in the soup.

The only slice of pork in it was very delicious and the egg was also pretty good. Soup was well-seasoned and the noodles same as above.

Beef was so tender with that classic sweet Japanese curry and rice.


Average dumplings but can’t really complain for the price as part of the deal. Although I would not order them separately.


Good value, although lacking that x-factor. The hair in the ramen might have affected the taste psychologically either way that should not happen no matter how much you charge.

Would I go again?


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