Review: Menya Mappen Sydney

Self-service Japanese place where the base meal are noodles either Udon or Soba and the fried tempura style food are the sides. I must admit for a first-timer it might be a little confusing, just imitate what the person in front of you is doing you’ll be fine.


Rich broth very peppery and might have too much heat for some. It’s a good think I enjoy pepper a lot, was just perfect for me. Great depth of flavour, the udon was also very good, just at the consistency that I like.


Beef was tender and thin, soup had that classic Japanese curry taste with a sweet after-taste. Again udon was cooked nicely.


Overall tempura was well done, it’s not just dipped in batter but fried with additional with tempura crumble to add extra texture and sinful oiliness. Do not expect light and fluffy here, it’s more about indulgence here. Just stay away from the sausage, deep frying something so fatty as this cheap sausage is really disgusting. It’s very unhealthy and does not taste good.

Veggie “biscuit” and prawn were nice and crispy. The karage chicken had a good flavour but not crispy, very tender though, I do not know whether that was intended.


Above average hot-food noodles and tempura as from 11:30am everyday. Just be prepared to queue during peak hours just because of the self-service prone to bottleneck system. Noodles are cooked to order so it’s worth the wait. Excellent value considering the quality and beware that you will most likely have to share a table, so I don’t recommend it for big groups.

Would I go again?


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