Review: Meet Fresh – Chinatown (Sydney)

It’s not a butcher or typo, it is a country-wide Taiwanese dessert place and one of them is on the left while you are queuing for Mamak.We all know that they are good at their ice-based Asian flavoured desserts. I just had to try their other specials.


To be honest, I didn’t have high expectations. This stereotype is true, Western desserts suck at Asian places. The waffles had the consistency of a compacted sponge cake: heavy and dry. That’s pretty much what makes waffles good. That was a fail. The salted caramel did not show proof of life but the banana and some pecan nuts did show up.


It might not look like it but this is so much better than the waffle. Amazing mixture of textures from the chewy pearls, to the spam-like taro paste that just falls apart in the mouth(it just looks like spam lol). The familiar pearls make famous by bubble tea and the herbal jelly combine to give a great texture. The taste of the red beans normally a savory protein in Western cuisine is sweet here and is an acquired taste but I like it. The barrier to enjoy this dessert for the uninitiated is the look and alien flavour combination. That was my first impression but I quite like it as it is refreshing even after a heavy meal. Also always order iced as the hot version is another beast.


Meet Fresh offers unique Taiwanese style desserts and I guess they are good without any real competitor in the market. The Western offerings such as the waffle above attempt to give an alternative to those that find these bowls of foreign material too challenging. However, it is only the signature bowls of jelly and taro balls that are worth trying.

Would I go again?


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