Review: The Mean Fiddler

They have the best value $10 steak ever (Only available on Saturdays). For that price you get a thick piece of rump steak, fat chips and small salad.
So far the quality of the beef pretty good sometimes you might get a tough batch but lately its really good value and as you can see in the photo, it’s much thicker than other $10 deals going around. I always order medium-rare. If they are really busy, order one temperature down as it tends to rest a long time before you get the beep making your steak more overcooked than you ordered.
The steak comes with a gravy, however a wide range of self-service generic condiments are also available such as mustard, tomato sauce, mustard seeds, bbq sauce, etc.


It a good place to catch the weekend games on the big screen with a beer after/during your Saturday steak. Other sections include a wine bar and live music lounge. If you stay long enough it becomes a full-on club with DJ.

Would I go again?

Yes. Extremely good value.