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Review: McDonalds Create Your Taste – Haberfield

After giving KFC’s concept store, it’s Macca’s turn. McDonalds Create Your Taste is long pass the concept stage and this is being rolled out in more and more stores around the state.


Dining-in is a very different experience compared to the standard menu. Ordering is done on 32inch touchscreens. The order is then served at the table!

Build your own here:

mcdonalds create your taste maccas chipotle burgerThe Chipotle burger is one of the set burgers. Tortilla chips in a burger is actually a pretty good idea. The crunch is very welcome to what might be a mushy affair. The traditional bakery bun is also pretty good. It wasn’t as tough as it looked and did bring another dimension to the burger.

mcdonalds create your taste maccas  custom burgerThe custom burger I chose was made with brioche, double patties, jalapenos, tortillas, guacamole, bacon, caramelised onions, BBQ sauce. I was going for a hot and sweet flavour. The sweetness came from the BBQ sauce, onions and brioche, of course the heat from the jalapenos made it a very yummy burger! The crunch of the tortillas took it to the next level. Customised flavours, great selection of toppings and condiments (like the Big Mac sauce). That’s all good, however the foundation of the burger is flawed, the beef is just a standard probably frozen, dry, overcooked and cardboard-like patty.


mcdonalds create your taste maccas  takeaway packageTo be honest, the take-away packaging is very impressive.

mcdonalds create your taste maccas  takeaway package burgerConclusion

Macca’s efforts to compete in a more gourmet style market are to be commended. It is actually a good idea and the execution is effective. The only negative is the patty, they are still using cardboard-like and dry patties. Other than that, the flavours are what you make of it to be. It’s sad, my burger would have been perfect with a nice fresh juicy patty!

Would I go again?

Not until the patties change.

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