Review: Max Brenner – Metcentre (Sydney)

My last review at the Castle Hill branch was pretty negative and this one is along the same line except for a few glimpses of hope this time or so I thought.

Decadent chocolate sponge drenched in chocolate syrup topped with ice cream, whipped cream & sprinkles

A sponge cake served in a dog bowl which was neither hot nor cold dropped on diluted hot chocolate with three balls of chocolate ice-cream finished with whipped cream on top. All that for $20, are you kidding me? what made it worst was there was no real melted chocolate in sight (which is the only good thing about Brenner – the pure chocolate).
Great name for this fucking mess, in terms of value, taste and sadly a waste of calories. When you’re thinking of all the other stuff you could have had instead while eating, you know the dish is beyond saving. I get more enjoyment eating a Cornetto or Golden Gaytime than this.


My previous post was about how their menu was old and nothing was made to order. At first I was glad to see that they updated the menu and actually thought that they had pretty good new ideas. That was on paper however the execution was very poor with the Chocolate Mess and the only saving grace was that this branch had fast service and the layout is spacious and comfortable.
Max Brenner just had to execute the old menu and propose real fresh made to order food. Again, all of the soufflés, waffles, etc are reheated and designed to be finished off by staff very quickly. Good logistical sense but bad business sense in the long term for if you are like me and boycott them for the reasons above.

Would I go again?


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