Review: Max Brenner – Castle Towers

When I first arrived in Australia,  this was my favourite dessert place. Over time, our palettes evolve and nowadays all I see is flaws.
With their success,  they have become complacent menu-wise and this branch specifically is severely understaffed; on Urbanspoon most of the complaints are about serving time so its not just me.


No one can argue that their pure chocolate is very good indeed.  The negatives are that their menu is getting dated and losing their appeal not just because waffles and chocolate souffles are getting old but the preparation of the dishes is not up to standard. Even Maccas have switched to a made to order system, at Max Brenner most of the bases for the chocolate dishes are pre-made and stored for long periods of time. The final step being to pour the molten chocolate on top. Sure, of course the chocolate is good, but you just wished that that waffles were hot and freshly-made and the chocolate souffle would be an actual souffle instead of a sponge cake with a chocolate botox injection.


In a bid to revitalise their offerings, they came up with some specials.
I ordered the Dark Chocolate Peppermint Forest Sundae.

max brenner sundae

Basically there’s nothing special in it: chocolate ice cream, melted chocolate and chocolate biscuit balls feature on their original menu already. What’s new? the crumbled Nestle Peppermint Crisp on top. Again the best part of the dessert was the melted chocolate but did not finish it as the rest of it was getting too sickening.

Waiting time

So the menu is barely made to order? what takes them so long? My thoughts are that they are either understaffed or they need new employees.


Everybody’s expectations are growing day-by-day. Time will tell how long their pre-made menu will keep their customers happy. The bald man lost all his hair and the same is happening to his creativity with that shocking sundae above.

Would I go again?

May be. Just will try to stick to pure chocolate items.

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