Review: Mamak – Chinatown

No lunchtime queue on a Saturday? Ludicrous. So went in for a quick lunch.AYAM GORENG $14 (4 pieces)
Malaysian-style fried chicken

This fried chicken is pretty good, needed some protein as the roti are vegan friendly. The flavouring is quite subtle and no flavour imposses itself over the chicken taste. One of the reasons is the thin and light batter, it does bring some chilli heat but even less potent than KFC Wicked Wings. The huge size of the chicken makes the middle of the chicken quite bland. However, the chicken is perfectly cooked to a tender and succulent texture but is just lacking some flavour.

Original roti

Soft and fluffy matched with a generic curry sauce, the value is undeniable. The dish has to be eaten fast, as it hardens within less than 5 minutes. Good of them to serve the sambal separate for those of us less spicy-tolerant, the curries are mild in terms of spiciness and taste also. Is this the best roti I’ve had? No.


Above average in many ways but apart from the value, there is not any single dish or feature that will give me a craving. Service is hectic and a little under-staffed.

Would I go again?


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