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Review: Lucky Tsotsi – South African in Darlinghurst

Lucky Tsotsi is an authentic South African bistro-style add-on found with the Lucky’s Shebeen & Bar along Oxford Street. The decor is spot-on on theme. A number of South African drinks and cocktails are available.

BOBOTIE $22.90

Spiced mince with sultanas topped with egg custard and baked.

lucky totsi bobotie south african sydneyBobotie is arguably South Africa’s national dish. The flavour of the dish is very unique as it was originally an Indonesian dish which was then adapted by the Dutch and Malay settlers in South Africa over time. Curry, tumeric, ginger and fruit are common ingredients found in a Bototie and are testament to the complex origin of the dish. The complexity of flavour was spot-on at Lucky Tsotsi. It was a very fragrant dish that did deliver with great depth of flavour from the with cloves, curry and turmeric. The bursting fruity sweetness from the sultanas. The mince cooked in the dairy-based sauce had that rich runny baked egg texture that is enhanced by the rice. This is of course served with Mrs Balls Chutney!


A tart mixed with the flavours of Peppermint crip bar chocolate, caramel and cream

lucky totsi pepermint crisp tart south african sydneyPeppermint crisp tart is a classic homemade dessert made from common supermarket items. The peppermint is normally from the Nestle Peppermint chocolate bar (the one with the green peppermint candy) once grated, these little green shards mix well and give a crunchy texture to this soft cold pudding. The rest of the ingredients are Tennis biscuits, tin of caramel and cream. This dish tasted exactly like a homemade rendition and is a delight if you’re a fan of peppermint. It was very sweet and the only way to finish a South African meal.


Lucky Tsotsi is probably the most authentic South African restaurant I have been to in Sydney. From the decor, menu, and feel, you can find most things South African enough to cure any homesickness like Spar-letta Creme Sodas, Bunny Chows or Castle beer. The menu items were classics done well. The Bobotie was quite authentic and yummy and the dessert was on-point.

Would I go again?


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245 Oxford St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010


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