Review: Lorraine’s Patisserie

Tucked in a small city alley, the setup is atelier(workshop) style which means that you can see the tools and pastry chefs working. This means that whilst the food is very fresh, there is no seating inside or even outside around the shop. The closest would be benches at Martin Place.


$8.5 for a pie? I love a good pie but even I find that price steep. The biggest difference is the flaky pastry at the top of the pie this gives additional texture and resembles a French style pie. It is sort of a hybrid Aussie/French with the base soft and moist saturated dough from the filling sauce at the bottom and puff pastry as the hood The filling was delicious and it is still kept warm in the oven it was baked in.

Eclair $8.5

The choux pastry was still crisp even at 1pm. It was super fresh, not the generic Eclair and at that price it should not be. Totally balanced taste not too sweet, however the full flavour of the chocolate still came through. The small shortbread coated balls brought additional texture and chocolate overload.


It looks like this place is mostly set up for catering and take-away. However if you work nearby, why not? it is a viable option for a meal under $10. The other cakes were also mostly delicious notably the Strawberry Mascarpone Cake. The cakes are reasonably priced however the savoury items like the pie are overpriced.

Would I go again?


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