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Review: Juicy Lucy – Surry Hills

juicy lucy surry hills central sydney logoJuicy Lucy: Great Chicken Shop in Disguise

From its appearance it literally looks like a vintage “milk bar” style shop. I think the owner wanted to portrait a friendly neighbourhood chicken shop but I think it is backfiring in terms of attracting curious by-passers.

juicy lucy surry hills central sydney juicy lucy burger interior counter

While its unassuming stature might make you infer that it would have a limited and simple menu, it’s quite the opposite. Compared to its competition, Juicy Lucy offers the widest range of chicken dishes like burgers, rice, wraps, fried drumettes and tenders, roasted chicken and salads. All seasoning and concepts are inspired by Asian flavours.

Juicy Lucy Burger $12

After seeing a review on the Fried Chicken Appreciation Society. I just had to try the Juicy Lucy burger.

juicy lucy surry hills central sydney juicy lucy burger openThe first impression is wow, this burger was generous and probably one of the biggest for $12.

On my first visit, the skin was superb: crispy crumbled battered skin was light/aerated but still very crunchy and almost felt like it was air fried. The sriracha sauce was a revelation. It wasn’t pure sriracha but was simply perfectly balanced with mayonnaise. It delivered flavour and slight heat without the burn. Most of the ingredients were fresh specially the leaves.

It was so good that I had to go again a few days later. Since chicken thigh pieces are used, the Juicy Lucy was made up of two pieces to make up a burger that size. No matter how good your burger grip technique is, you will struggle to keep it together. The meat however was succulent on both visits.

The big minus was that the skin, the x-factor from the first visit was missing. In its place was a heavier and dense cover and the flesh was slightly overdone.

Meal deal +$4 (Chips and Can)

juicy lucy surry hills central sydney juicy lucy burger with chipsThe chips were so much better on the second visit. Super crispy and chunky with unlimited sauce. The gravy is legit.

Drumettes $7 (6pc)

juicy lucy surry hills central sydney drumettes

The drumettes were a delight. Near perfect chicken flesh. The skin had a distinct Asian flavour with that light, crispy and crumbled texture.


Juicy Lucy is the chicken-lovers dream. Its differentiation is its Asian flavour influence. When at its best, the Juicy Lucy burger can rival Sydney’s best burgers not just chicken burgers. The menu is large and one of the best fried chicken shops on its best day. Consistency should come when the place gets a more regular flow of orders. The roast chicken is for next time.

Would I go again?


232a Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW
11am – 11pm
Closed Sundays

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