Really good Italian food,  couldn’t fault any of it.
The Pizzas’ bases were thin not too crispy and the ingredients were cooked well. The smoky flavour in the crust also kicks in, just a delight!
The Carbonara Pasta was rich but not sickening and comforting as it should be.  If you were after a creamy Pasta this is the one. If you were after a tomato base one,  the Gamberi is fresh from the sea just with a hint of chilli.
Overall,  the pasta is cooked to the texture that would please most diners and well seasoned. More importantly, it is easy to notice that the chef plated it with care and finesse which indicates pride in serving the dish!


Great local restaurant,  people of the North West,  you don’t have to travel far saving you time,  toll and money as the quality is on par if not better than popular Italian restaurants such as Criniti’s and Jamie’s Italian.

Would I go again?