Located in Westfield, I always see people reviewing Ippudo but never noticed it before or seen the sign. It was just there the whole time, I found it not thanks to the Japanese sign. Get there before 6pm without a booking or book just to make sure, the queue just gets longer throughout the night.
The dinning area has a good vibe. The layout is open plan with shared central tables with booth-style seating on the edges which give more privacy. Once inside, you will be assaulted with ultra-enthusiastic waiters.


Delicious soft bun with roast pork with its fat rendered and tiny piece of crackling for the crunch. The waitress actually recommended it to us and I’m glad we did try it.


Dumpling skins were more delicate and refined that other places. Thinner and lightly pan-fried on the bottom. Pretty yum!


Waitress had warned us that it was a very small portion. It was very bland, the most tasteless fried rice I have eaten in a while. Pork bits were tough too. I guess this dish was just a stomach-filler.


I was originally feeling for some ramen, but then I saw this special. Looked really intriguing, sort of a deconstructed ramen. Waiters were really diligent at explaining the proper way of eating it.
Noodles were really good, in fact every element was good and that concentrated dipping broth was full of flavour. The ingredients were cold, it just meant that they had to be dipped it in the hot broth for longer. That contrast of temperature was interesting too. If you wish to drink the broth at the end of the meal, they offered to bring hot water.


Legendary service, solid execution except for the fried rice and offering new specials like Tsukemen differentiate them from other Japanese and ensure that this place is worth a revisit.

Would I go again?

Yes. Will have to try the ramen to compare it to Gumshara.

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