Review: Hot-Star Large Fried Chicken (Sydney)


This one huge piece of chicken more than enough for two people. So very moist and tender inside, the batter on the other hand was not sticking to the meat making and it was very unpleasant to eat towards the middle. It was like having my chicken in two packets within each other (like a Russian doll situation) – one made of batter and one made of paper.


These are pretty good,  fried nicely.
As it’s only a take-away stall,  the closest option is to cross the road to a World Square bench to eat.
Packaging needs to be upgraded too. Those thin paper packets do not cut it,  the oiliness just gets absorbed and into to your hands. They need to use a foil alternative, glossy cardboard or wax paper.


Decent fried chicken but with so many alternative fast food joints that provide seating and more variety, I do not think I will be revisiting. I get it though, if it’s something similar from your hometown (Taiwan/Asia) it would appeal to you but overall it’s more of a novelty thing you try once for new customers. The unusual size of the chicken is perfect for a selfie and social experience on the streets but I still prefer KFC to this.

Would I go again?