Review: Hoochie Mama Cafe

If you’re too hungry and cbf to wait in the queue for Brewtown, Hoochie Mama Cafe is in the next street. However it might be a gamble since the service is extremely slow and you might have already got in at Brewtown instead. Having said that it is quite a nice spot to hang out. Ample outdoor seating and the open plan interior layout is quite out of place considering the popular cramped up eateries in Newtown.

with rocket, tomato, apple butter & crackling

The pork was stringed and quite dry, the sauce brought in some much needed moisture but did not impress. The crackling was just an add-on, just like adding a potato crisp to your sandwich. Below par for that price.

with bacon, Swiss cheese, tomato, lettuce, aioli, beetroot relish & fries

Good bun, with tender beef patty with the cheese nicely melted on it just as it should be. It does seem that the burger is trying too hard to be hipster. It is still a solid burger however not at that price, it should be priced at $13 max.


Average food, slightly overpriced. That premium is for your own table and space and is definitely not a foodie-destination. The speed of food could be improved. Not going back in a hurry.

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