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Review: Hawker – Malaysian Sydney CBD

About six months ago, this new Chinese Malaysian noodle place replaced a Korean restaurant. I do find Malaysian food better personally so this new tenant is welcome. Malaysian Sydney restaurants are common in the city but compared to other Malaysian restaurants, this features exclusively Chinese dishes and not any Malay/Indian favourites such as Nasi Lemak, etc. It also is open for “supper” on Fridays and Saturdays until 2am, supper being a late night meal for Malaysians.


Deep-fried five-spice pork rolls, prawn cakes and taro fritters

Hawker Malaysian Sydney - Lor BakThis set of Malaysian tapas was a huge starter. It’s the first time that I try any of these. I have mixed feelings about this one: the pork rolls were not bad, prawn cakes were too doughy for me but still somewhat tasty when dipped in one of the sauces. The taro one was bland even with the dipping sauce. Not one that I would re-order.


Stir-fried rice noodles in a thick egg gravy, with prawns, pork slices and choy sum

Hawker Malaysian Sydney - Wat Tan HorThe one was pretty good, first time having thick egg gravy with noodles. It was rich, gluey and complimented the noodles. The big prawns were the highlight, cooked perfectly, tasted fresh and were of a good size.


Egg noodle and vermicelli with curry chicken, snake beans and tofu puffs, in a spicy coconut milk-based soup

Hawker Malaysian Sydney - Curry LaksaI enjoyed the fact that this laksa came with both egg noodles and vermicelli. Having the two textures there just made it that much better. The spice level was just right for a small kick without the burn. The proportion of ingredients was just right. Was this the best laksa I’ve had? No but it’s above average.


Ice milk tea

Hawker Malaysian Sydney - Teh PingThe tea was strong and robust and the perfect chilli relief drink. I just wish the serving was bigger.


After conquering the roti market, the Mamak chain of restaurants offers a Chinese Malaysian menu rich in starters and noodle dishes. Service is quick and efficient despite a packed dinning room. It’s a well oiled machine offering value meals. I also hear that the dishes are quite authentically Malaysian.

Would I go again?


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345 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000


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