Review: Guyman Y Gomez – Westfield (Parramatta)

Posh fast food has been the trend, no one executes this better than Grill’d, Guzman Y Gomez (GYG) certainly fills that latino void.
guzman y gomez parramatta
The quality of the beef is pretty good normally you would have expected minced beef but at GYG they use what appears to be slow cooked pieces of beef. The veggies were fresh and nicely prepared. Corn chips were crispy and had that nice grilled flavour.
No other food can deceptively fill you up as Mexican. I had their burritos once before and it’s certainly a good place to carb up.
guzman y gomez parramatta


My advice to you is to always go for beef and only go there if you’re really hungry. Good service and fresh food, simple but amazing combination.

Would I go again?